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At Weather Vane Ice Creme, you can enjoy old fashioned ice cream

Do you want to enjoy the sweet taste of the best homemade ice cream in Granite City and Bethalto, IL? Thanks to our delicious dessert recipes and the quality of our ice creams, our customers love to come back regularly! Come and enjoy with your friends the perfect treat for any day.

Mango flavor ice cream with red strips on a cone
Mango flavor ice cream on a cone
Ice cream sandwich
Slushies on a small cup
About Us

Weather Vane Ice Creme

In 1960, Bill Sage and his wife Vera opened a milk store on Washington Avenue. Originally it was intended to pay for his daughter’s college. He sold a variety of food including beef fritters and ice cream. The ice cream did so well it eventually became just an ice cream shop. Little did he know that it would also become a town staple.


Try Out Our Seasonal Items!

Our business started operating in 1960, and every day it keeps expanding. We specialize in offering delicious homemade ice cream all year round.

Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cake

Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cake

Chocolate Covered Cherry Concretes

Chocolate Covered Cherry Concretes

Fudge Cake Concretes

Fudge Cake Concretes

Why Choose Us

Quality Ingredients And Unbeatable Flavor

Our unique and colorful flavors helped us become a town staple in Illinois. We want to provide our customers with the most flavorful experiences in our rich menu. We have diligent staff working hard to offer you the best customer service in the area.

Our Menu

Satisfy Your Cravings

Our top priority is satisfying our customers by providing flavorful old fashioned ice cream desserts.  We’d love for you to visit us with your family or friends.

Banana split on a white styrofoam
Homemade Italian beef sandwich with strawberry


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